Making Software Projects Successful

Solving business challenges with technology is hard.

Aside from the decisions that go into what solution and how to implement it, balancing the business interest and technology requirements can be a nightmare.

But that’s where we come in.

Our background in business combined with an understanding of technology allows us to carefully balance both interests.

We guide and manage software projects using a structured, proven methodology to conduct problem discovery and quantification, reduce waste in the development process, and ensure proper solution alignment.

We define project success not by how many lines of code are written but by how large the return on investment is for our clients.

What makes us different?

Unlike a dev shop, our fees are structured so that we do not gain from our clients spending more or less on development.

This aligns our interests with our clients, solving problems not writing meaningless code.

Whether we help a business develop a custom software or implement an existing framework we bill the same.

How We Help

Understand the Pain Point
  • What is holding back the business?
  • When does the roadblock occur?
  • What is the quantitative value of the problem?
  • Who experiences the problem?
  • Why is it a problem?
Craft a Solution
  • What is the current process to deal with the problem?
  • Where is the current process lacking?
  • What changes would make a new solution better?
  • Create a test environment for the solution
Implement and Iterate
  • Manage the team to implement a solution
  • Manage scope, budget and time constraints
  • Identify measurable, meaningful metrics to measure project success
  • Establish a plan to analyze the metrics and iterate on the project’s success
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