Our Process

A Process That Equals Project Success


Whether you have begun planning your software project, have an existing product, or are only just beginning to plan, the process is essentially the same.

Because software development is an iterative process throughout the lifecycle of the software.We can help you no matter what stage your in or if you already have software in place. 


The first step in any successful project is proper planning. But the process in which you plan is equally important.
Step #1

Understanding your business


What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Who is having the problem?

Why is it a problem?

How is the problem currently solved?

What are the shortcomings of the current solution?

What’s the quantitative value of the problem to the business?


Step #2

Based on what we’ve gathered in step #1


What is the timeline to solve the problem?

What is it worth the business investing to solve the problem?

How can we measure if the solution is solving the problem?


Step #3

Based on step #1 and step #2


What solution can we implement to solve the problem?

How will it do a better job at solving the problem than the current solutions?

What will need to be included to solve the problem?

What will enhance the solution?

How much and how long will it take to develop a solution that solves the problem?



Based on the knowledge gathered through either the planning stage or the learning stage
What features should be included in the current release/phase of development?

Based on available resources and timeline, how many iterations of development will it take to complete the phase?

Planning for risks in the development phase

Developing one iteration at a time with consistent review and planning with the client

QA throughout the development process to ensure the product is ready for release at the end of the phase of development


Maintain and Measure

Measure the success of the solution
Gather user feedback for changes and additions for future releases of the software

Ensure the product is running properly and fixing any bugs that pop up



Use the user feedback to improve the product to better align with the users and do a better job at solving the problem

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