Role of a Product Manager in Software Development

What does a product manager do within a software development ecosystem?

This is a good question, and the answer sheds light on how product development works, in general.

Product managers have a particular role to play in bringing software products to the table. They work with various engineering and design teams and other departments, routinely, The work that these professionals do helps stakeholders to come up with working plans, and then put those plans into motion, in order to make a particular idea a working reality.


An End to End Process

The fundamental role of a product manager is to shepherd a product to completion through its entire life cycle. There’s a big difference between design and implementation phases – a lot that happens in between – and there’s a lot that happens even before the design phase is underway.


Implementing Innovative Strategies

The software world has also changed a lot within just a few years. Where traditional ‘waterfall’ methods treated each stage of development as its own sheltered and siloed process, new agile and DevOps procedures make a lot out of the idea that you can work to implement various tasks simultaneously, and achieve what’s called ‘continual release’ of software or what pros call CICD: continuous integration, continuous delivery. 

In that sense, the product manager is going to be working on how to coordinate the various moving pieces to have every workflow optimized and contributing to an overall effective process.

You can learn a lot more about how this works on our website, as we talk about our design philosophy and implementation. Meticulous Growth is in the business of helping companies to achieve these sophisticated ways of working, to help them to work smarter not harder, and to help them innovate to succeed in a fast-paced business technology world. We have a lot of experience assisting with development plans and complex business IT strategy.


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